Tapadir Choudhury

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Tapadir Choudhury

Who is Tapadir Choudhury?

Tapadir Choudhury is an Indian Entrepreneur, having over 7 years of experience in the Music, Entertainment and Advertising Industry. He is the founder of ‘EXCLOOSIV EVENTS AND COMMUNICATION PRIVATE LIMITED’, an event company which has successfully done various events in many corners of the country.

Apart from that, he has worked for many National and International brands and has helped them to strengthen their brand presence with the help of Digital Marketing and Business Marketing Strategy.

Tapadir Choudhury

Early Life

He did his schooling from South Point School, Guwahati and after that completed Bachelor of Commerce from Guwahati University. As he always had a great interest in the field of IT, he again perused and completed Bachelor of Computer Science from Karnatak University, Dharwad in 2012. In 2015 he completed his Masters in Computer Science from distant.  When he was doing his Bachelors, he registered his first firm which was into Software and Web Development. As it was a new venture, initially the firm did not receive big clients as such but gradually succeeded to receive good number of govt. and private sector clients which helped the brand to survive at that time.

Later he took certification from Google in Digital Marketing and after gaining proper experience in the field, his firm have helped many national and international clients to market their brand and create a strong presence on the Internet.

The small firm today grew and became CODEGRADACADEMY and is helping many brands and startups to build their presence.

He also started an eCommerce Company back then, which served many customers nationwide but the company could not make big due to various operational issues from delivery to procurement and it had to shutdown.

He also worked fulltime for MNC’s like HCL Kolkata and IDBI Bank Kolkata. 


Business Ventures

tapadir choudhury business ventures

Software Development Company

Fashion Brand

Tea Brand

Digital Booking Platform

Few Brands Worked for

For Complete list vist CodeGradAcademy

Tapadir Choudhury client
Tapadir Choudhury client