What was your thinking behind setting up the EXCLOOSIV Event Company?

It all started with just a passion. When we started our Company, passion of creating one the best event company in the region with some best in class events that would entertain people was our motto. Initially from Corporate events to Concerts, Weddings and working and managing various celebrities is what we used to do.

But as we kept on doing more and more events, we realized about the various drawbacks that the industry is carrying along with it and we felt that, there is still a space to fill up, to make the event industry better and bigger.


So from there on, a mere passion got converted into to a dream. A dream of building up an event company, which not only just plan events, but also work towards cutting off the loopholes, that every event organizer as well as the customers need to face on the ground level, which do not let both the segment of people, experience a smooth execution or a seamless management.

2. Are there any challenges faced in successfully organizing events in every corners of the country?

Yes big or small challenges are always there. Some of the common challenges that needs to be faced, when executing and organizing events outside your setup location, is overspending. At times, lots of little things change or unexpectedly come up during the event execution process and while aiming to fulfill the client’s need, sometime you end up spending little extra than expected.

Also Keeping an eye on every aspects while planning events and getting prepared for that before hand, so that your event does not spoil up for some unavoidable circumstances, is what must be taken care of specially when you are doing events outside your setup location, because often you need to rely on third party resources for executing events, when doing outside your location.

Actually the list does not have an end. No matter wherever you are doing events, the biggest mistake that almost every event faces is overlooking the importance of data, due to which they need to face challenges in their future events. There is no proper or systematic technique of collecting data of the visitors, at an event.

Data is the gold, in any industry and the Events industry is no exception. However, it’s still a challenge to collect, read, and understand that data so that it can impact your event or future events. And this is where, our company EXCLOOSIV, can be helpful for every event Organizers, as it looks ahead and tend to solve the problem.

3. Which companies have you worked with so far?

We are happy to have worked with many companies till date but to name few, we have had the privilege of working with ‘ZEE TV’, ‘STAR PLUS’, one of the famous music festivals of India, ‘ZIRO FESTIVAL OF MUSIC’, ‘MUSIC DEVIL’, a Musical Gadgets Company, ‘IRISH WHISKEY’ and more. We have also planned and executed Govt. Events for Organizations like SKILL INDIA and more.

Apart from that we have closely worked with various national and international DJS and Celebrities like BADSHAH, RANNVIJAY SINGH, PRINCE NARULA, AKHIL TALREJA, MA-FAIZA, EDWARD MAYA, MJ5, SHIRLEY SETHIA, RCR to name some.

4. How do you identify talents and provide an organized platform?

Talents are everywhere; you just need an eye to look at it just that, at times some of them are not furnished for various reasons involved. EXCLOOSIV looks forward to empower them by giving them the right knowledge from both in house and by Industry experts and polish them so that they fit the industry and get the right exposure. Right from polishing them, marketing them, providing them a platform and getting them booked for events, we take care of everything in EXCLOOSIV Talent Pool.

5. By the way, is there an investor in your event company or has someone expressed a desire to invest?

No as of now we don’t have any investor in our Company and we have not even approached to any of them.

Currently we are not in need of any investor, but yes in near future with expansions in mind, we look forward for investments from various sources.

6. How different is your company from Bookmyshow?

Though some of the features of EXCLOOSIV, like Event Ticket Booking looks quite similar to Bookmyshow, but we have cut things deeper which looks forward to solve many issues, which will let users experience a smoother execution and seamless experience.


Apart from that, EXCLOOSIV is not only about Event Ticket Booking when it comes to event, but has got many more added essence. We have lots of other event services under our hood, like SURPRISE PLANNER, VENUE BOOKING for events and more such services, which our users would be able to book right from EXCLOOSIV.


We have taken care every aspect, when it comes to event, both from the Event Organizers and Customers point of view. Now selling of event ticket has become easier and powerful for Event Organizers as well as customers can enjoy some quick customized and easy checkout facility on our portal.

We have lots of inbuilt analytical segments which make it easier to sell tickets on EXCLOOSIV and at the same time helps, keep track of their customers and offer a Hassle free Check in Facility in the venue.

7. Is your focus on rural areas?

EXCLOOSIV is a multi facet platform which is not only into EVENTS but also ADVERTISING and ECOMMERCE too.


As most of the services we offer under Events and Advertising does not perfectly fit the demand in the rural areas, so we have not focused on rural areas under this domain as of now.

But, EXCLOOSIV has got various consumable products as well as clothing range from its own brand itself, available in its ecommerce store, which we focus to deliver to the rural areas as well and to the most interior part of the region, with the help of postal.

8. How did you succeed in taking your event company to the global level through digital?

I think we are yet to go global in real terms. Yes we have done couple of destination weddings and many events abroad, but we eye towards a bigger picture.


It’s a digital era and having a digital recognition in this time, is the most important thing for a business to flourish. With our company’s good Will and Marketing through digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, we have been able to excel in the field of events and advertising. Apart from that we have also collected orders from nationwide by promoting our brand organically through our official blog as of now.


But the best is yet to come, as we come up with our booking platform, that would let our users book various events and advertising related services online, with the help of radical ideas, making it possible in a click of a button.

9. Do you currently have a suitable team capable of moving the company in the right direction?

We have a team size of 12 highly ambitious young minds working under us, who looks after the technical, design and management of the company, with whose combined effort, we are able to produce and execute some best events nationwide and it’s because of them, we are adding happy clients everyday in our list.


To succeed the most important thing is to have a good team who should work selflessly towards a common dream and I can say proudly that we have got a dynamic team who never fails to give their best shot.

10. How does your company excel with the audience?

EXCLOOSIV is not a company whose only mission is to generate revenue, but it’s aim is create a new space for its audience with the help of creative ideas, converted into a platform for its users with various services to choose from, that no other companies in the same domain is offering. We are more of a problem solving company, rather than just reinventing the wheel.

We have introduced many new features and have worked on ideas, which will also help to save a lot of money, when compared to traditional approach, who are looking for event and advertising services.

11. Which plans do you focus on to strengthen the presence of brand?

It’s no secret that people today spend a great deal of their time online, which indicates that the internet is not a place to miss, if you’re looking for brand awareness.

So the best way is to get in front of consumers by going to, where they are, and take advantage of all the exciting awareness opportunities available in the digital world today, and to come in the future. 

Above all we highly believe in customer satisfaction. We always try to make our customers happy to the core, with our service because, it’s our happy customers and their word of mouth marketing which helps us to excel in our business.

Apart from planning and executing events for our clients, we also have our signature events that we roll every year, which also helps us to spread our brand name every time, to a new set of audience which helps us to grow.

Apart from all, we strongly believe that, building a good product that is useful to the audience, which solves an existing problem in a particular domain, gets half of the marketing job done for your brand.

12. What is your strategy for the next 10years?

We look forward and aim to build a transparent digital platform which will act as a bridge for various Talents, Event Organizers, Advertisers and more, to connect to the audience in a more convenient way and thus empower and uplift the event and advertising industry by cutting off various loopholes, striking off any middle man involved which will also contribute towards cost cutting and hence provide a clean and systematic approach to book various events and advertising related services.

We look forward to create a trusted space for our users, which they can rely on when it comes to booking of various event and advertising services we have onboard to offer.

We look forward to bring a platform for our users where along with events also booking advertisements is no more boring. We look towards eliminating the old approach and bring a dynamic fun way, to book advertisements in future too.